Cours Module 8: Implementing an active directory domain services monitoring plan


Demonstration: Overview of the Event Viewer

In this demonstration, you will see how to navigate the Event Viewer

AD DS Logs

The following logs can provide specific information about AD DS issues:
• Application log connections
• System Log
• DFS Replication log
• Directory Service Log
• DNS Server log
• Group Policy\Operational

What Are Custom Views?

Custom views:
• Allow you to aggregate and filter information from multiple logs into a single view
• Are reusable
• Can be exported to other computers
Demonstration: Configuring Custom Views and Subscriptions
In this demonstration, you will see how to:
• Create a custom view, and then add the AD DS-specific logs to the view
• Create a subscription to collect logs from multiple domain controllers
Reliability and Performance Monitor Features
Reliability and Performance Monitor allows you to:
Perform real-time monitoring
Track performance of applications and services
Collect data
Generate alerts
Take action when thresholds are reached
Generate reports
Monitoring AD DS Using Performance Monitor
Useful NTDS Counters for Monitoring Active Directory:
NTDS\ DRA Inbound Bytes Total/sec
NTDS\ DRA Outbound Bytes Total/sec
NTDS\ DRA Inbound Object
NTDS\ DRA Pending Replication Synchronizations
NTDS\ Kerberos Authentications/sec
NTDS\ NTLM Authentications

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