Cours Configuring Terminal Services Web Access and Session Broker


Introduction to TS Web Access

TS Web Access is a role service that allows you to start
RemoteApp™ programs without the need to download or run .msi or .rdp files

TS Web Access in Microsoft Windows Server® 2008:

• Does not require the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client to be manually started for launching a RemoteApp program
• Allows you to run applications on a remote computer
• Enables you to access RemoteApp programs seamlessly
• Does not require a separate ActiveX control to be downloaded
What’s Different in Windows Server 2008 TS Web Access?

Consider the following points:

• The TS Web Access server need not be a terminal server
• Installation of TS Web Access will automatically install the required Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 components
• Client computers must be running RDC 6.1
• A standard user can approve an ActiveX Control
Considerations for Installing TS Web Access
Deploying the TS Web Access Web Part
You can deploy the TS Web Access Web part:
• As part of a customized Web page
• As part of the TS Web Access Web page, the default solution
• By adding it to a Microsoft® Windows SharePoint® Services (WSS) site
To install RemoteApp programs:
1. Configure RemoteApp programs on one or more terminal servers
2. Enable RemoteApp programs for TS Web Access
3. Install TS Web Access on the server
4. Add the computer running TS Web Access server to the TS Web Access computers group on the terminal server
5. Specify the terminal server or farm from which to populate the list of RemoteApp programs
Installing and Configuring RemoteApp Programs by Using TS Web Access :  Installing and configuring Windows Server


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