Cours Microsoft Excel 2010 (Excel data analysis)

Cours Microsoft Excel 2010, tutoriel et guide complet Excel pdf.

Workshop Information
Learning Outcomes
Additional Resources
3D Referencing
Create a 3D Reference
Exercise Data Tables – One Input tables
Named Ranges
Creating named ranges using the name box
Naming a selected range
Creating multiple names from a selection
Moving to a name
Inserting a name into a Formula
Make a name refer to a value
Named ranges exercise
Sub Totals
Sub totalling data
Exercise Subtotals
Text Functions
Manipulate text
Exercise text manipulation
Exercise concatenation
Data Tables
One-variable data table
Two variable data table
Exercise – One input table
Exercise – Two input table
Data Form
Add Form button
Using data forms
The Form Window
Exercise – Data Forms
Consolidate Multiple Ranges
Exercise consolidation
Formula Auditing
Formula auditing tools
Evaluate formula
Watch window
Goal Seek
Goal seek introduction
Using goal seek
Exercise Goal Seek
Group and Outline Data
Group and outline introduction
Auto Outline
Exercise Auto Outline
Exercise Manual Outline
Creating Scenarios
Editing Scenarios
Creating Scenario Reports
Using Scenario Manager
Exercise Scenarios
Lookup – Vlookup
Using VLookup
More Information on Vlookup
Exercise Vlookup
Exercise 2 Vlookup

Cours Microsoft Excel 2010

Cours Microsoft Excel 2010

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