Cours windows server 6: Planning and administering windows server


Characteristics of a Defense in Depth Strategy

A robust defense-in-depth strategy includes:
A security risk management framework
Identity and access management policies
Network protection
Update management
Incident response
Continual reassessment and optimization

Layers in a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

Policies and procedures
Physical security
Perimeter defenses
Network defenses
Host defenses
Application defenses
Data defenses

Assigning Administrative Permissions

• Principle of least privilege
– Identify administrative permissions or
privileges required
– Grant only those permissions or privileges
• Granting privileges
– Factors affecting decision
– Relinquishing rights
Windows Server 2008 Firewall Configuration
• Direction
• Port
• Program
• Protocol
• Source IP address
• Destination IP address
• Connection security rule
Implementing Security Policies
Security Configuration Wizard template
settings include:
• Server roles
• Client features
• Additional services
• Firewall rules
• Authentication options
• Audit policy

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