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Nowadays, condoms are considered one of the best birth control methods out in the market.  Unlike other contraceptives, they’ve been proven to be effective in the use of STD and HIV/AIDS prevention. We talk about it, but do we know exactly what a condom is? A condom is a thin, flexible pouch impervious to blood as well as penile and vaginal secretions. It is the only contraceptive that also protects against STIs (sexually transmitted). In this case study we will focus on the company which is the biggest producer of condoms around the world: Durex. It has the most important market share in the world. Durex company has also sold condoms in over 150 countries all over the world and is the market leader in more than 40 markets. The Durex brand accounts for 29% of the world’s four billion condom market, making it the Number one of condom brand in the world.
Situation Analysis
The Situational Environs
Demand and demand trends
The first question that come in mind when you are going to market a product is : « Who is actually going to buy my product ?” We have to figure out what kind of customer they are in terms of behavior and also we have to approximately evaluate the importance of the market. As the result, if we focus on the market of condoms, we have to think about everybody: young, less young, mature people, single person or married couples and so on.A survey realized in 2005 on teens aged 15 to 17 by The Kaiser Family Foundation and Seventeen magazine found that:“More than one-third of teens surveyed (38 percent) said they had had sexual intercourse. Nine out of 10 teens who’ve had sex said they use birth control all, some, or part of the time. Virtually all teens who have had intercourse (98 percent) have used condoms. But half also admitted they’d had sex without a condom. Also, a Massachusetts statewide survey in 2005 among 3,500 high school students showed condom use is increasing among teens in that state. “About 45 percent of teens surveyed said they’d had sex at least once.” First of all, the results of this experience show that people have sex younger than in the past and apparently they are more educated about sexuality. Also, that demonstrates the fact that a lot of people still don’t use a condom each time they are having sex or a lot are not satisfied by the use of a condom because it is said that “they would have sex without a condom.”Consequently, there is a huge opportunity for developing the market of condoms.To sum up, more and more persons have sex early in their life. The majority of persons lose their virginity in high school or the beginning of college. Also, a lot of teenagers have intercourses before the age of 15. And as all we know, intercourses need also to be practiced with a condom. Moreover, at the age of 15, sometimes, people are not enough mature to take the decision to wear a condom during a sexual relationship. On another hand, these last years, another important fact is that more and more people have a lot of different partners in their life. The number of sexual partners   is   an important indicator of sexual risk behavior. The more you have partners, the more you are exposed to the fact of contracting a STI. Also, it has been demonstrated that men have more partners than a woman has.
According to the “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” containing a report on the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) thanks to a study group of nearly 6,000 participants between the ages of 14 and 94, we can understand what the trend about the use of condoms is. The fact is that condom use is now becominga trend for young people. Indeed, nearly 80% of boys and 60% of girls under the age of 18 said that they had used condoms during sex. That’s nearly twice the rate at which young adults used condoms, and nearly four times that of adults over 40.These results have a huge implication for global public health policy and current efforts to promote condom use, and show that young people are not reckless and careless when it comes to sex.  They are educated by different ways like school or particular programs.
Moreover, condoms are usually used by people who are not married but these past months in some regions where there is a lot of advertisements against AIDS and in favor of the condom use, even married couples use them as a new trend.
Another observation is that in developing countries only 3% of questioned people say that they use frequently condoms. But condoms are more widely used in  countries. For example, in Japan, half of the population who use a contraceptive use condoms.
When we focus on young people, the problem is the access to condoms. In fact, it is for some young people a shame to go to buy condoms and even if they want to buy some, the price is another issue they have to face. Indeed, condom’s price increased these past years.
Consequently, who are we going to target to sell Durex condoms? Who represent the target market?
After finding out previously what are the trends and thoughts about condoms we can now say that the target market will be young people between 16 and 24 years old. In fact, if we success in making young people using condoms for their first sexual relationship, they will be more aware after and will still use condoms in their everyday life. Also, since more and more people are infected by AIDS and STDs, we could focus on selling condoms to these people. In fact, it is the only way they can have a sexual life without infecting their partner. To finish, we could focus on the people who can’t or don’t want to use another kind of contraceptive.
Moreover, the brand Durex, leader on the condoms market wants to focus on another side of the condom and want to promote a strategy of pleasure and sexual fulfillment. As the result, the brand creates new products with colors, textures, vibrations… Consequently, besides focusing only on young people, Durex focus also on older customers (between 30 and 55 years old) who want to spice their sexual life.

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