Installing and configuring Windows Server


Module Overview

• Installing Windows Server 2008
• Managing Server Roles and Features
• Overview of the Server Core Installation Option

Lesson 1: Installing Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2008 Editions
• Windows Server 2008 Installation Requirements
• x64 Installation Considerations
• Common Installation Scenarios
• Preparing for the Installation of Windows Server 2008
• Process for Installing Windows Server 2008

x64 Installation Considerations

• May be able to mitigate some “rootkit” software
• Device drivers are necessarily trusted because they have direct access to the system’s hardware
• Requires that all kernel-mode device drivers are digitally signed
Common Installation Scenarios
• Clean installations
• Upgrades
• Unattended installations
Preparing for the Installation of Windows Server 2008
-Check for application compatibility
-Disconnect UPS Devices
-Back up existing servers to be upgraded
-Disable virus protection
-Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
-Obtain mass storage drivers
-Be aware of Windows Firewall installation defaults
-Prepare Active Directory for the Active Directory Domain Services role
Process for Installing Windows Server 2008
1-Provide language and preferences
2-Administrator configures the server using the Initial Configuration Tasks page at first logon
3-Setup copies and installs Windows
Lesson 2: Managing Server Roles and Features
• Tools Used for Administrative Tasks
• What Are Server Roles?
• What Are Server Features?
• Demonstration: Installing Server Roles and Features Using Server Manager
What Are Server Roles?
A server role describes the primary function of a server
• Administrators can dedicate an entire computer to one role or install multiple server roles on a single computer
• Each role can include one or more role services or subelement of a role
• Server Manager is the tool that is used to install, configure, and remove Server Roles

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