Formation WindMil Lua Scripting, tutoriel & guide de travaux pratiques en pdf.


With the advent of the global editor, WindMil users are developing many more complex model queries and/or filters, and then sometimes editing those filtered sets. As a result, new element fields may be needed, or simply desired, to reduce the number of query rules or filtering steps. Think of these new element fields as fields that show calculated data.
As an example, in the past, if the upline device equipment type was desired, the “Element Name,” “Upline Device,” and “Device Equipment” element fields were needed. From there, some sort of lookup command to find the “Device Equipment” associated with the “Upline Device” was performed in a separate application such as Microsoft Excel. Thus, the element field “Upline Device Equipment” was created to eliminate this extra step.
Four new fields with “first,” “second,” “third,” and “fourth” terms preceding the element field names now exist, significantly helping with overcurrent protection studies to find consumers within various zones of protection. The functionality of each of these fields will simply search the radial path from any element to the source and then provide the device equipment name for all (up to four) upline overcurrent devices found.
The following is a small sample of the Lua attribute element fields that have been created.
1. Base kV LL – Voltage in L-L rather than L-G as in the Base kV field
2. Closest Transformer – Finds closest transformer based on straight-line distance
3. Closest Pole – Finds closest pole based on straight-line distance
4. First through Fourth Upline Device – Returns first, second, third, or fourth Upline Device Elements’ Name
5. First through Fourth Upline Device Equipment – Returns first, second, third, or fourth Upline Device Elements’ Equipment Name
6. Minimum of Max Ph-Gd Amps – Created for Arc Flash purposes
7. Minimum of Three Phase Amps – Created for Arc Flash purposes
8. Thru kW Loss – Sums selected and downline elements thru kW losses

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