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If programming languages were religions
Lua would be Wicca – A pantheistic language that can easily be adapted for different cultures and locations. Its code is very liberal, and allows for the use of techniques that might be described as magical by those used to more traditional languages. It has a strong connection to the moon.
What is Lua
• Yet another scripting language
•not totally unlike Perl, Python, Javascript
• Used in production since 1993
•widely used in some areas, virtually unknown in others
• Goals: simple, small, portable
• Goal: embedability
•real emphasis on scripting
Where is Lua
embedded devices
TVs (Samsung), routers (Cisco), keyboards (Logitech), printers (Olivetti), set-top boxes
(Verizon), M2M devices (Sierra Wireless), calculators (TI-Nspire), etc.
Lua main goals
• Written in ANSI C ∩ANSI C++
•avoids #ifdef’s
• avoids dark corners of the C standard
• Runs on most platforms we ever heard of
•WinCE, Symbian, iOS, BREW, Android, PS3,
PSP, Nintendo DS, IBM z/OS, etc.
• Runs inside OS kernels
•FreeBSD, Linux
Small size
• Less than 20,000 lines of C code
•7,800 semicolons
• ELF binary: less than 200 KB
• complete package
• Important for portability
•allows Lua to run in small machines
• Emphasis on scripting
•to be used together with a system language
•tight integration between languages
•not only external libraries
• Provided as a library
• Not only an implementation issue
• Embedded in C/C++, Java, Fortran, C#, Perl,Ruby, Python, etc.
Scripting in Grim Fandango
“[The engine] doesn’t know anything about adventure games, or talking, or puzzles, or anything else that makes Grim Fandango the game it is. It just knows how to render a set from data that it’s loaded and draw characters in that set. […]The real heroes in the development of Grim Fandango were the scripters. They wrote everything from how to respond to the controls to dialogs to camera scripts to door scripts to the in-game menus and options screens. […]A TREMENDOUS amount of this game is written in Lua. The engine, including the Lua interpreter, is really just a small part of the finished product.”

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Lua tutorials & courses

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