Cours Module 9: Designing virtualization provisioning


Module Overview

• Design Virtual Server Provisioning Workflow Model
• Evaluate Appropriateness for Virtualization
• Evaluate Customization to Standard Configuration
• Design Deployment for Virtualization

Designing a Virtual Server Environment

Domain infrastructure design
Virtual server host configuration
Virtual machine design
Server mapping

Management Design

The security model
Image management
Static Computing Versus Virtual Computing
Tethered user interface
Applications installed on specific hardware and operating systems
Static Computing
Operating systems assigned to specific hardware
Storage assigned to specific locations
Network assigned to specific locations
Any application on any computer on-demand
Virtual Computing
Can be assigned to any hardware
Storage and backup on the network
Localizing dispersed resources
User interface separated from application/OS
Identifying Appropriate Solutions
Assessing the current environment
Determining solutions
Determining appropriate solutions requires establishing goals
Defining of goals and objectives starts with a vision statement
Start and end state of an application
Microsoft Solutions Framework

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