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The closest airport to Alto Paraiso is Brasilia. It’s a 2 hour drive from Brasilia to Alto Paraiso.
TAM BRASILIAN AIRWAYS (Linhas Aereas) AND TAP PORTUGUESE AIRWAYS have direct flights from Lisbon to Brasilia both arriving at 3:45PM.
(Leaving Lisbon at 9:55AM)  From Brasilia it is a 2 hour drive to the town of Alto Paraiso. Guests are recommended to arrive July 2nd in Brasilia and will be picked up at the Manhattan Plaza Hotel in Brasilia at 10AM on July 3rd for the drive to Alto Paraiso and on to Osho Lua Retreat. It’s 1.5 hours from Alto Paraiso and a 45 minute hike to the retreat.

PLAZA HOTEL in Brasilia at 10AM on July 21st. Driver will have a sign saying « LUA » for the drive to Alto Paraiso and onward to Lua Retreat.
E mail address of Hotel: approximately $175 US/night Hotel Telephone: 55 (61) 3319 3060 Other hotel options in Brasilia: Brasilia Park Hotel at SIA at approximately $143 US/night Telephone: 55 61 3234 5131 Other hotels in Brasilia:

For those wishing to come to Alto Paraiso before July 21st, Pousadas (guest houses) and dinner can be arranged by Pushya Or Trisha in the town of Alto Paraiso for the evening of July 20th (or before) and for the evening of July 29th. Breakfast is also available on the mornings of July 21st and July 30th at the Pousada. Pushya’s Pousada at: :  Cours Le modèle ODMG (Put ‘Danny’s Retreat’ in the subject box).
Pushya’s telephone number in Alto: 55(Brazil) 62 (Goias) 3446 1953. Cost: BRAZILIAN REAIS $50/night with 5 rooms. Some rooms hold 2-3 guests.

If you stay in Alto Paraiso on July 20th evening please contact Pushya to arrange transport from Alto Paraiso to Lua Retreat.
ON July 21st around 1PM from Alto Paraiso we will meet at Oca Lila Restaurant (if you have stayed in town on July 20th) for the 1.5 hour drive to the end of the road and a 45 minute hike to the OSHO LUA RETREAT CENTRE.
Pickups in Alto Paraiso at your pousada can be arranged by Pushya and Trisha ON July 29th we will leave the OSHO LUA RETREAT around 1PM for the hike and drive back to Alto Paraiso.

The retreat will include one Yoga class each day, 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals daily, accommodation in cabins or camping.
Accommodation facilities are described below.

Each Yoga class will include discussions on: History and Origins of Yoga and the relationship to shamanic and indigenous traditions around the world including Egyptian, Mayan, Taoist, Polynesian and Native American cultures, Nature of Disease and Healing in Yoga, Shamanism, Tibetan, Mayan,Polynesian and Native American traditiions..


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