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Business plan for a Small Business Présentations

Objectives :
• To play the elements of a business plan to a small business
• To practice a prepared presentation of a business plan in English
• To practice impromptu questioning and answering
• To develop listening skills
Project requirements
• Student may work alone or in groups of 2 or 3 students.
• Each group will select an actual small business or a small business case study for their project.
• Each student will prepare a five minute presentation describing their business, summarizing selected elements of the business plan, and requesting a specific investment amount. For students working individually, the classroom presentation will be a minimum of ten minutes; for groups of three, presentations will be a minimum of fifteen minutes.
• Students may use overheads for their presentations; copies of overheads material should be provided for other students and the teacher.
• Other students will serve as a panel of financial investors. At the end of each session, the student panel will be expected to question the presenters about the details of their proposed small business. With the presented information and the responses to the questions, the panel will allocate an investment pool of dollars among the proposed projects.
• Students should take notes during the classroom presentations. Material from some of the cases may be included in the first unit test on December 20 th..

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