The Basics of a C++ Program

Basic Elements of C++

The Basics of a C++ Program

A C++ program is a collection of one or more subprograms (functions)
Collection of statements
Statements accomplish a task
Every C++ program has a function called main

Example Program
using namespace std;
int main()
cout<<« Welcome to C++ Programming »<<endl;
return 0;

The Basics of a C++ Program
Programming language
a set of rules, symbols, special words
syntax – specifies legal instructions
special symbols ( + – * ! … )
Word symbols
reserved words
(int, float, double, char …)

Rules for identifiers
must begin with letter or the underscore _
followed by any combination of numerals or letters
recommend meaningful identifiers
Evaluate the following

Arithmetic Operators and Operator Precedence
Common operators for calculations+ – * / %
Precedence same as in algebraic usage
Inside parentheses done first
Next * / % from left to right
Then + and – from left to right

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