Cours Module 4: Design IIS Maintenance and UDDI


Module Overview

• Designing Internet Information Services Backup and Recovery
• Specifying Monitoring Requirements
• Deploying UDDI Services
• Tuning and Troubleshooting IIS 7.0

IIS 7.0 Modular Architecture

Componentized architecture
Fault tolerant
Line command and programmatic access

Centralized Configuration for Web Farms

• Xcopy of applicationhost.config and deployment of modules
• Enabling shared web.config
• Enable distributed web farms with DFS
Designing Backup and Recovery for Web Farms
For Config files use offline files, client side caching, or DFS-R
Do not use for content.
Server Configuration and Modules backed up using Appcmd
Can be scripted to provide regular backups
Backup content using your existing backup tool
A solution utilizing VSS will work with open files and take less processor resources.
Worker Processes and Real Time Monitoring
Get executing requests
See currently executing requests
Get state of worker process
Running, starting, or stopping


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