Course – Wireless Network Security

Extrait du course Wireless Network Security

Session Information
• Basic understanding of components  of 802.11 networks
• Please save questions until the end
• Drivers for Wireless Security
• Wireless Security in 802.11
• Vulnerabilities in 802.11 Wireless Security
• Technologies for Secure Wireless LANs
• Deploying Secure Wireless LANs
• What Lies Ahead
Key Markets for Wireless
• Enterprise/Mid Market
• Education
• Manufacturing/Warehousing
• Retail
• Healthcare
Enterprise/Mid Market
• Employees want wireless
• ROI—Up to 70 minutes  more productivity per day
• If IT doesn’t roll  out wireless, employees will Low end APs at the  local computer reseller  shop
• Collaborative learning  applications aid  students and teachers
• An unsecured WLAN  leaves the following  vulnerable
Student records
Administrative DBs
Proprietary learning
• Barcode readers and POS terminals very common
• Many wireless appliances only support static WEP, or don’t use any security!
• If connected to corporate network, network is vulnerable
• Wireless enabled patient management applications and devices becoming pervasive
• Insecure deployments leave patient data vulnerable
Secure wireless LANS
are an enabler
for HIPAA compliance
802.11 Wireless Security
• Service Set Identifier (SSID)
• Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
• Open Authentication
• Shared Key Authentication
• MAC Address Authentication

LIRE AUSSI :  Formation sécurité des réseaux informatiques


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Wireless Network Security

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