Cours Module 6: Configuration user environments using group policy

Configuration user environments

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Demonstration: Configuring Group Policy Settings
Using the Group Policy Editor
In this demonstration, you will see how to configure Group
Policy settings
What Are Group Policy Scripts?
Group Policy script settings can be used to assign:
• For computersConfiguring user environments
– Startup scripts
– Shutdown scripts
• For users
– Logon scripts
– Logoff scripts
You can use scripts to perform many tasks, such as clearing page
files or mapping drives, and clearing temp folders for users, etc…
Demonstration: Configuring Scripts with
Group Policy
In this demonstration, you will see how to assign a logon
script to a user
Folder Redirection Configuration Options
• Use basic Folder Redirection when all users save their files to the same location
• With advanced Folder Redirection, the server hosting the folder location is based on group membership
• Target folder location options:
• Redirect to the users’ home directory
• Create a folder for each user under the root path
• Redirect to the following location
• Redirect to the local userprofile location
Demonstration: Configuring Folder Redirection
In this demonstration, you will see how to configure folder redirection for the Documents folder
Demonstration: Configuring Administrative Templates
In this demonstration, you will see how to configure
Administrative Templates
Modifying Administrative Templates ADMX files:
• Are extensible
• Can be edited with any text editor
New ADMX files can be added to the Policy Definitions folder or
the Central Store
Discussion: Options for Using Administrative Templates
• What Administrative Templates are deployed in your organization now?
• What desktop settings would you like to implement for users in your organization?
• Which Administrative Template settings will you need to apply?


Configuration user environments

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