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Chapter 1 General Architecture
ODBC Architecture
ODBC Driver
Chapter 2 Installation and Setup
Client machine
Server machine
Chapter 3 Creating and Modifying a Data Source
ODBC Administrator Version 2.5
Creating a User DSN
Creating a System DSN
ODBC Administrator Version 3.x
Creating a User DSN
Creating a non- sharable File DSN
Creating a
System DSN
Chapter 4 Specifications
Allowing Access to 4D Server
Structural Limitations
SQL Statement Limitations
Null Values
Selecting null values
Updating null values
Comparison of Floats
Primary Key
Chapter 5 ODBC Conformance Levels
SQL Conformance Level
Support of minimum SQL grammar
Support of core SQL grammar
Support of extended SQL grammar
API Conformance Level
Scalar Functions
Chapter 6 Mapping Data Types
Conversion from 4D Server to ODBC SQL data types
Conversion from ODBC SQL to 4D Server data types
Appendix A SQL Samples
Simple SELECT statement
SELECT statement with a WHERE clause
SELECT statement with the BETWEEN predicate
SELECT statement with a “begins with” condition
SELECT statement with a sort on an alphanumeric column
SELECT statements with string functions
SELECT statements with numeric functions
SELECT statement with a grouping order
SELECT statement with an inner join
SELECT statement with UNION on two distinct tables
SELECT statement with an IN predicate
Syntax considerations
Appendix B API Conformance Level
More Information on Specific Calls

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1 General Architecture
ODBC stands for Open DataBase Connectivity. It is an interface that allows applications to query data sources, using Structured Query Language (SQL) as a standard. These data sources can be of any type, from a text file to the most sophisticated DBMS.
The ODBC driver for 4D Server allows any PC (Windows) application to communicate with 4D Server through ODBC calls and SQL queries.
Based on existing 4D components (Server API and Network Components), this driver is a fully integrated element of our open architecture. With only a client installation, this solution can be deployed without any changes to an existing database in production.
ODBC Architecture
The ODBC architecture using the ODBC Driver for 4D Server consists of three parts:
 Application. The application calls functions defined in the ODBC API to access a data source.
 Driver Manager. The Driver Manager implements the ODBC API, loads the 4D Server driver dynamically, dispatches and manages the ODBC
 ODBC Driver for 4D Server. The driver allows you to connect your ODBC-compliant application to a 4D Server database.
ODBC Driver
The ODBC Driver for 4D Server consists of four components:
 ODBC Driver. The ODBC driver for 4D Server itself. The driver processes ODBC function calls and manages exchanges between the application and the data source.
 4D Open Library. The client native part of 4D Server.
 Network Components. The networking part of 4D Server.
 Data Source. 4D Server is the data source, which contains data that an application needs to access.
The following figure describes an ODBC architecture using the ODBC Driver for 4D Server:
2 Installation and Setup
Client machine
Hardware The client machine should be a PC with one of the following 32-bit
systems installed: Windows 95/98, Windows NT 3.5.1 or Windows NT 4.
Software Any ODBC-compliant application should be able to operate with the ODBC driver.
Server machine
Hardware The server machine can be one of the following:
 PC running a 32-bit system (Windows 95/98, Windows NT 3.5.1 or Windows NT 4).
 Power Macintosh running Mac OS System 7.x or higher.
Software The data source should be 4D Server version 6.0.5 or higher.
This section describes the installation of the SETUP program, which is automatically launched during the installation of the ODBC Driver for 4D Server.
The SETUP.exe program performs all the tasks necessary for installing the OBDC driver for 4D Server. This program correctly configures all the dependent files, such as ODBC.INI, ODBCINST.INI and the registry database. :  Cours 4D Insider manuel de référence Windows/Mac OS

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