Google Drive / Microsoft Office

Google Drive / Microsoft Office

Google Documents

  • Create documents
  • Most formatting supported
  • Share & collaborate
  • Track changes
  • Use citations
  • Export to .docx / .pdf
  • Works almost just like Microsoft Word

Google Presentations

  • Create presentations
  • View and show presentations without additional software
  • Share & collaborate
  • Supports most formatting
  • Export to .pptx / .pdf
  • Very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Spreadsheets

  • Create spreadsheets
  • Run calculations and reports
  • Share & collaborate
  • Works very similar to Microsoft Excel
  • Less advanced features than Microsoft Excel

Google Forms

  • Create online web forms to collect information
  • Information saved in spreadsheet format
  • Publish to website, social media, & more
  • Limit access to control responses

Google Citations

  • Google Drive has built-in citation
  • Select “Research” from the “Tools” menu or right-click a word and select Research
  • Choose “Scholar” in the search bar
  • Click on “Cite as Footnote”

Google Best Practices

  • You can attach Google Drive files in Gmail emails
  • See keyboard shortcuts (Shift+/)
  • View revision history using Ctrl+Alt+G
  • Check out helpful extensions for Chrome
  • You can add descriptions to your docs
  • Access templates via
  • Tools > Spelling
  • Download multiple files at once in zip file :  Managing user accounts

MS Office Documents

  • Full word processing suite
  • Many templates built-in & more online
  • Most used worldwide
  • Track changes
  • Built-in citation or can integrate with Endnote software
  • Full presentation suite
  • Many templates built-in and more online
  • Most used worldwide
  • Built-in image editing tools
  • Numerous export options
  • Full spreadsheet / data suite
  • Many templates built-in and more online
  • Advanced calculation
  • Most used worldwide
  • Powerful data analysis tools built-in

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