Formation UML and real time

Formation UML and real time, tutoriel & guide de travaux pratiques en pdf.

RT in UML 1.4

• Quantitative aspects
– TimeEvent in state-machine
– Timing mark in Sequence Diagram
– Qualitative aspects
– Concurrency : Active object, Concurrent state, …
– Discrete behavior via state machines and activity diagrams
– Attempts of integrating continuous behavior within activities of state-machines

Status of the UML2 proposals

– Two remaining main prop. for Infra/Super
– U2 group ( ) Infrastructure  latest version is v.2.0 beta R2 released 2002/06/02
– 2U group ( ) Infrastructure  latest version is v0.81 released 2002/07/02
– Helsinki meeting (End of September 2002)
– 1st revised submission presentation for Superstructure
– 2nd revised submission presentation for Infrastructure
– UML2 RFP split into 4 parts
– UML 2.0 OCL  UML 2.0 Diagram Interchange
– UML2 Infrastructure  core language of UML
– UML2 Superstructure  state-machine, sequence diag., …

Scheduling, Performance & Time Profile

– Proposers and supporters
– ARTiSAN, I-Logix, Rational, Telelogic, TimeSys, Tri-Pacific, CEA-LIST
– Main concepts
– resources & quality of service (QoS)
– uniform basis to attach quantitative information to UML specifications (e.g. required for RT analysis performing)

Issues relating to QoS within SPT prof

– QoS remains an abstract concept
– never concretized by other SPT sub-profiles
– Specific sub-profiles
(Schedulability, Performance, RT -CORBA)
• defines implicitly required QoS (eg. TVs SAPriority, SADelay, …)
• but no links with the QoScharacteristics concept !
– SPT does not proposes solutions to specify:
• domain specific QoS characteristics quantifiables with specific values (e.g. capacity of fligth plan managant, antenna sign. accuracy)
• QoS contracts in subsystems, components and use cases
• QoS modes the systems supports: adaptations & QoS levels
• monitoring of QoS values and their impact in the architectures

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